The Best Traveler Build For D3 – A D3 Guide to Spec and Gear Building

When you enter the Neverland, you may find that it is difficult to choose the best traveler. Each of the characters in the game possess a particular elemental skill that makes them standout from the rest. If you want to choose the best player, you must first look at the type of elemental skill that your character possesses. Below are some of the unique attributes of each Neverland traveler that will help you figure out who among the many characters in Neverland is the best traveler.

Air Spirit: The air spirit is a strong secondary attack skill that gives you extra bonus hit points. This character is best teamed up with another member who has high DPS. Pair this character with the mystic or ranger and the overall DPS will increase greatly. The main dps bonus is especially beneficial during boss battles.

Sword Spirit: The sword spirit is the best traveler build if you want a stronger offense. This character has a passive buff that gives everyone in the party a +attack buff. This buff stacks up to 5 times but each additional member can just add a second buff. This means that you have an almost endless stream of powerful damage. This character is best paired with a physical attacker such as a warrior or ranger. Pair this character with an artifact so that you get even more DPS from your party.

Heal Spirit: This character possesses a passive buff that heals nearby party members when they are hit. The passive heal performed by the healer is not reliant on adrenaline. This means that you can maintain a steady heal even without spending too much adrenaline. This character also performs up to 5 rapid strikes.

Gust Spirit: The Gust Spirit uses a dual sword style that deals massive damage in a variety of different range. The main threat from this class is that it can only be performed in close range and there isn’t much burst damage. Instead, this character relies on positioning and weaving. If you master the timing of your attacks and position properly, you can easily take down this class.

The best Traveler Build for D3 is going to include a mix of both offensive and defensive skills. You should focus on damaging enemies with your primary skills while using aoe spells and rapid strike AOE attacks. For an even more effective traveler build you should take advantage of the 4th ascension passive which deals extra damage with each hit and also provides a small amount of armor.