How to Get the Most From Your Info Travel

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How to Get the Most From Your Info Travel

I’ve talked about how I use information travel. Information travel is basically the movement of individuals between distant geographic locations with the intent to make connections. Information travel can take place by foot, bike, car, train, plane, boat, train or other mode, with or without luggage and is one-way or round-trip journey. The concept is simple enough, but the execution can be complicated enough, which explains why so many fail. So how do you make information travel successful?

First, you need to know where you’re going. If you have a long distance that you need to cover on foot, you’re going to want to pick a destination that’s not too far away, ideally somewhere in between major cities. Once you’ve selected your destination, you’ll need to figure out how to get there. This will involve planning a route, buying tickets or finding a good resale ticket, getting a rental car or planning your accommodations. You also need to keep your budget in mind when planning your itinerary because the price of plane tickets, train fare or car rental varies greatly from one destination to the next.

The next step to success in info travel is knowing your way around the country or region that you are traveling to. This includes both street signs and bus/train routes, as well as any posted rules or guidelines about where you may not go. The best way to navigate around is using maps, either online or at your local library. Getting a good grasp on the lay of the land allows you to arrive at your destination quickly and avoids unnecessary traffic or roadworks, saving you time and gas.

Next, you need to set up your itinerary. With an online reservation, it is possible to make your reservations up front, making everything you need to get to your vacation destination all in one shot. Keep in mind, if you do plan ahead, you won’t need to worry about last minute tickets or tacking on extra days if they are sold out. The same goes for any attractions or sites you would like to visit while you are out of town. You can simply look up their hours of operation online or call the place to find out if they are open.

One of the most important things you can take with you on your journey is definitely your camera. Most people plan to take pictures of anything and everything from the sky to the ground. This entails having either a digital camera or a film camera, depending on what you want to shoot. If you are traveling with your kids, it can be difficult to find childcare while you are away. Even if you have planned ahead for a group trip, you may find yourself changing your plans and leaving your kids in the care of a sitter while you go sightseeing.

Info travel is all about taking your own individuality and making your own adventure. When you plan ahead of time, there is no pressure to conform to other people’s ideas of what is good and bad. You can focus on having a good time and not have to worry about being talked into something that you really don’t want to do. And with the internet as a tool to help you out along the way, it is easy to stay connected with others while on your journey.