Colombia Travel Tips for the Best Traveler

Traveling to a foreign country is an exciting experience, but not if you don’t know how to prepare for the best traveler’s hotels. Most of the locals there may seem like nice people, but it’s hard to keep the natives entertained once you are far away from home. In order to fully enjoy the locals, try eating at their restaurants instead of the bars and discos where most Americans go. While you are there, never forget to take advantage of the local culture as most visitors do. Learn about the traditions, history, and everyday activities of your chosen destination and try to immerse yourself in their world.

Before leaving on your trip, get some good travel tips from the locals at the local grocery store. They will be able to tell you what they like and dislike about the place so you can pack light and make the most out of your time there. Don’t forget to check the currency exchange rates before leaving as well. Always remember that you are not paying hundreds of dollars per coin as you would back home. Carry money in a plastic bag and have it ready when you get to your next destination.

One of the best traveler’s hotels that you can find anywhere is in Cartagena, Colombia. This famous Colombian city is known for its frugal lifestyle and friendly people. Even though you might be tempted to purchase plane tickets for a cheap flight to Bogota, do yourself a favor and buy airfare separately. Instead, use your credit card or your local ATM card and buy a prepaid visa card. The local tourism agency will help you get one of these cards and will help you learn more about their unique travel insurance.

Colombia is known for its frugal lifestyle, so when you are in Colombia, make sure you save money everywhere you can. Most travelers who travel to the country don’t even bother with buying souvenirs as a show of good will. You will be much better off simply buying an eco-friendly bottled water, taking a locally-brewed coffee or a bottle of olive oil. Traveling on a budget is common for Bogota locals who go on walking tours through the jungle, which can take up to two days. Walking tours are one of the best ways to save money.

Bogota locals also like to stay at comfortable but cheaply-priced guesthouses and hostels, especially when they are traveling from their home countries. The availability of such hostels is very diverse, so you won’t have to limit your options. For example, you may want to visit a popular but affordable hostel in Calle La Quebrada (in the south of the city). There are plenty of popular but inexpensive hostels in this part of Bogota. So don’t hesitate to share the love for Colombian culture and history by going hostels.

When you travel to any Latin American country, you will spend a lot of time interacting with the locals. If you get the chance, spend some time interacting with the local Colombia people in their own environment – in the streets, in the park, in the Plaza del Merced (the large open space in the center of the city), at bus stops or anywhere that has signs of the local culture and history. Colombian people are very sociable, so when you spend time with them, you will surely have a great opportunity to know more about the country and its people. Just remember that the best traveler’s spots are not always located within sight of tourist areas, and that you should never expect to see a particular place unless you actually experience it yourself. Be open to visiting new places, and be patient to get to know the locals.